Thursday, May 17, 2012

That's not Mr Radar, that's Mr Coffee

The little coffee maker that could.
whatever you want to pay.
I have some random mugs too ;)

are bags your bag?

three vintage cuties!
the Dr satchel is $10.00, with whatever bric a brac you can fit in it ;)
Its Swedish and made quite an adventure here from Stockholm a long time ago :)
(perhaps the other 2 bags? they have long straps that are tucked inside)

Mucho Mas de Bric-a-brac

 I have started just making tables of bric-a-brac throughout the house.
for the most part its whatever you want to give for however much you take.
I am serious.
I just want it out. And in good homes.
I also have a ton of clothes that are $1 a piece, some handbags that are the same. 

Below there are some highlights and more of a close-up on those trays of jewelry.
There is much much more. 

 rad horse bookends

 vintage glass bottle

 charming little chair

 he's not a pest - he's a cheese grater!

 coffee mason jar - Sold to White Lightning...sans spatulas ;)
(I have a full set of good grips kitchen stuff - ladels, measuring cups, all that jazz for sale too)


 tumblers - set of 7 :(

blue wooden box with linen top



This sofa 
 (that's the preferred nomanclature according to Jack Donaghy and Dan's mom)
was purchased from a set dressing sale for like $50. The shape is challenging
but it is pretty comfy. But its cream brocade so its a little dingy.
the covers are washable.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Additions

 Cabinet - $40

Bench - $30
Sorry for the weird photo, but my TV and everything are on top of it.
And the TV is heavy...sorry

Monday, May 7, 2012

First Round of furniture for sale!!!!

  Armoire - $800
Clothes rail and additional drawer inside, as well as the drawer below
I live in a 2 floor walk-up, removal is responsibility of buyer
We removed the door to bring it up and easily reattached the hinges
82" tall, 32" wide, 21" deep

 Lamp - $10

Sideboard w/ four drawers - $60
Ikea, in great condition
Width: 31", Depth: 15", Height: 58"

 Small framed mirror - $30.00
18" x 22"

Large framed mirror - $40
30" x 40"