Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mucho Mas de Bric-a-brac

 I have started just making tables of bric-a-brac throughout the house.
for the most part its whatever you want to give for however much you take.
I am serious.
I just want it out. And in good homes.
I also have a ton of clothes that are $1 a piece, some handbags that are the same. 

Below there are some highlights and more of a close-up on those trays of jewelry.
There is much much more. 

 rad horse bookends

 vintage glass bottle

 charming little chair

 he's not a pest - he's a cheese grater!

 coffee mason jar - Sold to White Lightning...sans spatulas ;)
(I have a full set of good grips kitchen stuff - ladels, measuring cups, all that jazz for sale too)


 tumblers - set of 7 :(

blue wooden box with linen top

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